Apr. 15th, 2005

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I know it's sad, but this is the kind of news I like to hear:

"Librarian Returning To TNT

Cable network TNT announced that it is developing a sequel to the original fantasy adventure movie The Librarian: Quest for the Spear, which earned high ratings for the channel when it aired last December. At its upfront presentation in New York on April 12, the network told advertisers and reporters that star Noah Wyle will return in the sequel, which will once again be executive-produced by Dean Devlin (Independence Day) under his Electric Entertainment banner.

Wyle will reprise his role as unlikely hero Flynn Carsen, a librarian with 22 academic degrees charged with protecting a treasure trove of magical artifacts hidden beneath the Metropolitan Library. The new original movie is tentatively scheduled to air on TNT in the fall.

Hee hee! I wonder what magical artifact he'll be after this time. And what happens when they run out? I mean, there must be a finite number of these things, or we'd be tripping over Holy Grails and Buddha's alms bowls and Pandora's boxes every which way. Poor Noah will be stuck finding plain old non-magical artifacts, or even (gasp!) being a librarian. Now that'd be wacky.

A plush Army of Darkness Ash! Aw, lookit his wee little chainsaw. So cute!

Does anyone know anything about a manga called Antique Bakery? Not one I've heard of before, but I have to say, the thought of gay pastry chefs and ex-boxers has me amused and curious.

And I want to be excited about the Cowboy Bebop Remix discs, I really do. But anime's always so pricey, and even I can't justify everything. Too bad. Don't they sound snazzy? From DavisDVD:

Beginning later this year, Bandai Entertainment will begin re-releasing the Cowboy Bebop series as new "REMIX" titles. The line will feature brand new video transfers, along with remixed and remastered Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks, all supervised by director Shinichiro Watanabe. REMIX titles also will include interviews with the Japanese and American voice actors, commentaries on selected episodes, trailers, promos, music videos and the shadowy-titled "Session 0" extras. Look for each to disc to retail around $29.98.
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You know, I'm not a fan of the whole "season finale in April" thing. One more episode? Maybe ever? Hmph. It's one thing when the CBC does it, but CBS? You don't get a pass. I'm miffed.

Brief spoilers- A guest star reaction and a music comment )


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