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Hurray! Now that they've finally shown Sean Maher's episode, I never have to watch this show again! I was, I think, exceptionally generous to it. I gave it four episodes to either get good or get bad enough to be fun. But alas, it was not to be. An actress couldn't save the terrible, ham-handed writing, let alone whatever Jennifer Love Hewitt is (an android? a lamppost? a freelance lingerie model?). Her character, Melinda the eponymous whisperer of ghosts, lives in an aggressively pleasant town where the sun always shines and the dead never shut up. She has a business, sort of, but mostly she just wafts around in some of the least attractive girly-girl gowns I've seen in years (aiiieee, those fabrics! There's vintage and there's environmental hazard), clumsily stalking people to feel their pain and terrify them with the prospect that, at any moment, they might be attacked and smothered by either her eyelashes or her breasts. Her husband and her best friend/business partner are apparently saints with boundless patience and oceans of gullibility, er, trust. Do they ever question the fact that she talks to people who, as far as they can see, aren't there? Does the phrase "massive doses of thorazine" ever drift through their minds? Do they wish she would at least stop chatting with these ghosts in public places, in view of everyone? Of course not, for she is Melinda! Hold her while she weeps, for she weeps for the world! Ay-yi-yi. Every episode so far, and okay, it is a little unfair to twitch at this since the show's only four eps in but who said life was fair, follows pretty much the same pattern:

"I can see you!"
"You can see me!"
"Go to the light."
"No, I'm not ready."
"Sure you are!"
"No, I'm not!"
[some sort of touchy-feeling blather and/or "comic" scene. Or maybe Melinda goes to work at her fabulous antique store that never has customers. Just for kicks.]
"Go to the light!"
"Well, okay. Thank you so much, Ghost Whisperer!"
[tears all around]

It's a spiritual quest as hotel art, nothing so edgy or unsettling as to wake anyone up. Melinda's vibe is a bit faux-bohemian meets Thomas Kinkade. Blech. But while it's obviously not the show for me, I can't help remembering that Touched by an Angel was on for three thousand years, so no doubt Melinda will be able to flutter around blinking dewily at many a hapless mourner before Ghost Whisperer goes to the light. That's showbiz.

Anyway, tonight's ep had Sean looking just delicious, which helped. Pretty, pretty boy. And he got to be sweet and bitchy and devoted in a somewhat overly intense manner, all of which he does well. His dialogue was generally pretty leaden, and he had the stupidest death ever, but he spent the entire episode wandering around in one of those skintight microfiber outfits racing cyclists wear, which was nice and decorative. He wasn't in nearly enough scenes and that dang Melinda kept getting in the way (curse you, main character!), but overall, I liked his part. And... you know, I was just going to say, "and there was no necrophilia this time," because of his CSI: Miami episode, but actually... I don't think it was for lack of trying.

But pretty, pretty Sean aside, there was something about this episode that really bugged me. No, not Melinda, she goes without saying. I couldn't even begin to guess if people care about spoilers for this show, so might as well cut )

If you do like the show, please believe that I'm not trying to insult your taste or anything. Big Relic Hunter fan here, remember? Somehow, though, I just don't think I'll be joining any Ghost Whisperer fan clubs any time soon.
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Okay, there are things afoot in the world of film scoring, and I had just finished typing up a big post on them when I innocently clicked a pdf that was not labeled and crashed and lost everything. Label those things, web designers, or I swear to God I will find you, and it will not be a pretty scene. Anyway, while I was swearing and restarting, new things may or may not have occurred and who knows what's going on now and argh! So. I'll start with the link that was all I had originally intended to post.

An interview with David Newman, in which he talks a bit about scoring Serenity (no spoilers). Film Score Radio also interviewed him a few weeks ago, though since my poor, evil computer can't handle its streaming format, I haven't been able to listen to it. Oh, and I finally had a chance to listen to the CD, and I was a bit disappointed. Serenity, it seems to me, is an excellent score poorly served by an inferior CD. Very, very frustrating.

Speaking of which, the Complete FotR score has been pushed back another week, to December 13th. According to Doug Adams (whose book on the LotR scores comes out next year): "The Dec. 13 LOTR: FOTR date shift is merely due to some lawyerly business. No problems, just meeting some demands that came in last minute. Everything is still running full steam ahead. I've talked with everyone this week; don't panic and don’t start rumor mongering. The boxed set is in no trouble due to situations elsewhere. These are different studios, different producers, different projects."

Right, so those "situations elsewhere" he mentions... apparently, Howard Shore has been replaced by James Newton Howard on the King Kong score. While I was typing the first half of this post, we seem to have gone from the "What?!" of the initial report to a vigorous denial from Shore's publicist to confirmation from Peter Jackson. Oof, what a mess. Here's the first report and the confirming update from Soundtrack.net. I just hope this is more like Carter Burwell's mostly amicable split from Joss and Serenity than the big, ugly Elfman/Raimi blowup over Spider-man 3.

Shore and Newton Howard are two of my favorite composer's working today, too. That's kinda awkward. I'll have to have irrational, geeky flamewars with myself. Aw.
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I had to laugh when I saw MaryAnn Johanson's post on Lawn Darts and the amazing fact that any Gen Xers survived their childhoods. Elvira Kurt used to do a bit in her act along the same lines, about towering jungle gyms built on concrete and metal slides at violent angles and, yes, Lawn Darts. Or Jarts, as I always knew them. Little Sister and I had a set, actually. Lord only knows where they came from, since they really don't seem like the sort of thing our parents would have bought. Illegal-in-NY fireworks, yes; giant metal spikes for throwing, no. And yet we had them, and merrily pitched them around the lawn, usually aiming for the snowball tree or the chicken coop (which only occasionally had chickens in it, since they were unfenced and free to wander the farm and preferred to sleep in the cedar in the front yard anyway. Anyone who tells you chickens can't fly is a damned dirty liar. Ahem).

You can probably guess where this anecdote is going.

One summer day, when I was about ten-ish and Little Sister eight or so, we were taking turns trying to impale the poor snowball tree, when one of the Jarts got stuck in the branches. Not a problem, as we had a big stick to knock it loose. So off I went, shake shake shake thunk, the Jart was free. And THUNK, a different Jart lands right on the middle of my poor young skull. Point down, of course, since those suckers were carefully weighted. Little Sister had thought I was safely out of Jart's way and slightly jumped the gun with restarting the game. It was totally an accident; pitching things at each other was hardly unknown when we were fighting, but only things like pillows and hay bales and the occasional very unhappy cat. Not weapons. And you know how cops on TV are always brushing off their worried partners by pointing about that scalp wounds bleed a lot? Ten-year-olds are not so casual about it. Eight-year-olds who think they've killed their sisters are even less so. But luckily we had sensible parents who were very close by and could drive like Formula One racers, if need be. Even more luckily, in this case they didn't really need to. I was fine. Not even a concussion out of the deal, just a miniscule scar that no one could see thanks to my hair, and enough trauma for the whole family. Oh, and a box of Jarts that was never seen again. How very mysterious. But I do feel a bit sorry for the kids of today, all protected and coddled and asbestos-free. Is it really playing without the looming specter of Horrible Accidents? Do kids today even get eye patches anymore?

Now, the time Little Sister pulled a hyuuuuuuuuuuge icicle down on her head and was, of course, gushing blood, and had the Formula One drive to the hospital on icy roads in a snowstorm and did have a concussion, that was rather dramatic. And we were even younger then. She was a fun kid. Fearless to the point of maiming. Our poor, poor parents.

Suddenly my new icon (from [livejournal.com profile] brave_icons, again) seems somewhat appropriate. How unsettling. And she is so going to beat me up if she ever reads this (not to mention my mom...).

Non-religious Yom Kippur traditions in our family being what they are, I spent most of the day reading cookbooks. Joan Nathan is always a good choice, as is my hero, Claudia Roden, but the one book I absolutely have to read every year is Mimi Sheraton's From My Mother's Kitchen. I actually don't cook from it much. It's full of yummy recipes, but in a lot of cases they're things for which I'd rather use my mom's recipes. It's a great read, though, with most recipes prefaced by personal anecdotes and cultural snapshots, and extended versions of the same, on topics like "Eating Out," "Sour Pickles," and "Washington Market," in interesting chapters between the actual recipe sections. There's something rather perverse about reading it while fasting, because it's a book ideally designed to make you crave comfort food. Just read this bit from "The Joys of Being Sick in Bed": Cut for length and tempting yumminess... )

Mmmm. Yeah, definitely twisted to read this when you can't eat.

Speaking of food, earlier I was hunting for a certain Neruda poem about tomatoes when I found a weird, cool, interesting site about soup. A fansite for soup, how could I resist (especially since it did have the poem)? It has lots of recipes, lists of appearances by soup on stage and screen, soup customs from around the world, soup in the news, soup history, soup jokes... lots and lots of soup. Very neat! And one of the jokes has nuns, so of course I have to share it:

At a particular convent, the nuns lived under a vow of silence that could be broken only once a year. One year, at the appointed time, the clock struck 12 noon as the nuns were eating lunch and one spoke up and said, "This soup is terrible." A year passed, and at the appointed time, another sister volunteered, "I don't think it's so bad." The following year, as the clock struck 12 noon, a third nun spoke up: "Bicker, bicker, bicker!" she said.

Hee hee! Okay, I admit that I'm easily amused when it comes to monastic humor.

My only comments on tonight's TV (remember when I actually used to comment on TV? Good times, good times): CSI, eh, but as ever, I love Nick. A whole heck of a lot. I'm mostly enjoying this season, but the past has made me gunshy. And WaT had much to hate, including the continuing presence of some jerk who has taken my beloved TechKid's job and will not give it back, and yet... was that Justin Kirk in the preview? Snarling at Jack? This goddamn show. It's an abusive boyfriend of a show. It hurts me and hurts me and breaks my heart every time, and then it waves turkey sandwiches and longing looks and Justin Kirk at me, all "hey baby, don't be like that, I love you!" And I go back for another week. I rue the day I ever fell for you, show.
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Heh, just kidding. But finally, finally, my Serenity score has arrived. All that time wandering the eastern seaboard and it didn't even bring me a souvenir. Hmph. I haven't listened to the CD yet, but I loved the score in the film. Much more than I was expecting to, actually, for several reasons that are in that gorram movie post that I'm never going to finish at this rate. Oy. Anyway, I remember lots of people complaining about track titles that spoiled this or that plot point (shades of Phantom Menace, alas), and I don't blame them for being miffed, but how come no one (that I've seen) has complained about the fact that Varese Sarabande apparently doesn't employ copy editors? Seriously, track #10 includes "Sheperd Books'..." and track #19 includes "Jane & Zoe...". Such ugly mistakes in such a cute little font. I expect better of you, VS!

Speaking of film music, today's column at FSM on the potential for new tech to push trendy revisionism in film and film scores caused me several chuckles and winces, particularly this bit:

Perhaps today's studio execs are paying homage to the past films. Wouldn't it be ironic if a studio suggested John Williams to score Poseidon, the Wolfgang Petersen remake of The Poseidon Adventure? Here's how the scenario would probably play:

Young Executive: "Hey, how about John Williams? He did a great score for
War of the Worlds.

Older Executive: "John Williams scored
The Poseidon Adventure before you were born!"

Young Executive: "Good point, good point. How about John Ottman? His
Fantastic Four score was awesome!"

Older Executive: "Mr. Ottman's currently scoring
Superman Returns."

Young Executive: "But wait, didn't Danny Elfman do that picture?"

The older executive sighs.

Older Executive: "Get James Horner's agent on the line."

Ha! And owww. All it lacks is a swipe at Hans Zimmer.

I think I need some sort of general film music icon, though unfortunately no ideas come to mind. Hmmm. Oh well, instead I'll use this cute new Wash icon from [livejournal.com profile] bravo_icons. I almost didn't nick it, even though my Wash-love is deep and true, because I kind of liked having all of my Firefly icons be Simon or Zoe. But in the end, the temptation of Wash and monastic humor proved irresistible. You wrecked my trend, little monk-joke-missing Wash, but you're so very cute and forgivable.

The world's oldest noodles have been found! Four thousand-year-old noodles from Lajia, "the Pompeii of China." Keen! Mmm, now I want Chinese food. Funny how there's always some neat food-related story on Yom Kippur. Fasting will be my only observance of it this year; I'm not going to services, since my temple doesn't currently have a rabbi, and obviously I'm not staying offline. Fasting, feeling guilty, and reading cookbooks. Sigh.
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Possibly it's just me, but... about those shiny new pics of Sean Maher that have been causing so much spontaneous ovulation the past couple of days. Now, he looks tremendously pretty. It would take a lot to uglify that boy, and these pics are not it. But. He totally looks like he's wandered off the set of some gay porn flick. Especially in the oral fixation pose. Not that this is a bad thing, really, but it does seem like a bit of a change from what we usually see of him. It's an interesting set of photos, to be sure.

Speaking of Sean Maher, while "typing" my thoughts on Serenity today (I have the thinking part down, just not the typing part), I've been working my way through the huge pile of magazines that have accumulated since the end of August or so. By November I'll be caught up. Except for everything I'll have gotten by then. Sigh. Anyway, the current issue of Starlog has an article on Summer Glau and how new she is to acting and blah blah, and I thought this quote was rather sweet:

"Sean inspired me and made me brave," she remarks. "He and I are frequent screen partners, and I was worried at first that he wouldn't trust me. You really have to lean on the person you're doing a scene with, and I wanted to do my best for him. I think he's an astonishing actor. He's so kind and encouraging, and we have fantastic chemistry. We're good friends off the set, too. I remember when I got sick, he would bring me vitamins and make sure I was hydrated. He's always taking care of me and putting me first. The way River looks at Simon is really the way I look at Sean. She adores him, and he can do no wrong in her eyes. That's how Sean is to me in real life."

Awww. They're just so cute.

On a non-Sean Maher note, I was also amused by a quote from Kmt's Fall issue. Kmt does fine on things Egyptological, which is handy, considering that's their job, but their pop culture refs can be a little... shaky. Case in point:

"Viewers who watch John Daily's faux-news show on Comedy Central may have seen the brief segment (aired 3/15) intercut with Zahi Hawass's comments on the Tut scan and Daily's hilarious takeoff on it."

Well, it's not like they're all that wrong, right? They got the words "John" (albeit spelled wrong), "Daily" and "show" in there. Dunno what happened to the "Stewart," or, um, the accurate information, but they were close.
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Amazon is again having a big sale on various Warner Bros. TV boxed sets, after posting the sale for about four hours yesterday then changing their minds. There are some very good shows there for $20-30 a pop, including Gilmore Girls, West Wing and the first, not yet annoying, season of Without a Trace. There's no end date for the sale listed, unfortunately, but so far they've been less trigger-happy then yesterday, at least.

And Deep Discount is running the same sale, only with their usual free shipping on all orders, instead of just on over-$25 orders like Amazon, plus a wider variety of shows. So if you really need the first season of Full House, now's your chance.

And, all year long, Warner's been commemorating fifty years of WB TV blah blah blah with a rebate, in which buying two qualifying DVD sets will get you $10 back, three will get you $20, and so on. Many of the shows included in this sale qualify, happily. So if you were to, say, buy West Wing S1 and 2 for yourself, and Lois and Clark S1 and Smallville S1 for me, you'd get $40 back and my DVDs would be free. Kidding! Unless you wanted to...

Looks like the release date for the complete, uncut, amazingly fabulous Fellowship of the Ring score (eeeeeEEEEEeeeeeeeEEEEEEeeeee!) has been pushed back a week to December 6th. Aw, no fair, seven whole more days to wait! Wait, self, shut up, it's still amazingly fabulous. Still, I'm a bit surprised that Amazon has discounted it so little. Six bucks off list price seems oddly low for them. And CD Universe has it much cheaper (though I've never bought from them, so I don't know).

And a month before that arrives, on November 8th, we get an actual CD release of the Firefly soundtrack. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! One of my most wanted scores in a format that doesn't require me to have DSL or a non-evil computer! Happy happy joy joy! If only I could celebrate by listening to my Serenity score, which was supposedly shipped nearly three weeks ago. It's been interesting to follow its wanderings on Amazon's tracker thingie. Shipped from Kentucky, off to Ohio, then to Pennsylvania, then, no, not to New York where I live, then to Washington DC, then back to Pennsylvania... why did I preorder again? And to think I was so happy that it shipped four days before its release. Maybe tomorrow. Yeah, I'm sure it'll get here tomorrow (grrrrrrr). Anyway, Firefly score! Squeeeee!

Speaking of most wanted things, my list of "DVDs I would sell state secrets for" is going down by two, possibly three. Glee! Magnificent Seven S1 in December (same day as FotR! Yay, poverty!), rumors of Brisco County next year (please please please...), and, no doubt to the relief of anyone who's had to listen to me whine and whine about the fact that R2 has had a special edition for years and R1 has had only had the barest of barebones releases, a Dead Poets Society SE in January. At last. And I even have a Neil Perry icon to celebrate. Er, not that I have it loaded yet, since I'm still pondering the "text or no text?" issue. But I will eventually have a Neil icon and an SE DVD, so yay for that.

Last but not least, from Doug Fake's blog at Intrada's site: "I'm happy there's some buzz around SILVERADO. It's costing a small fortune but we're doing it right so be patient. It's two discs, it runs almost ninety minutes, it's the first release from Sony's actual 24-track masters. We made brand new state-of-the-art mixes over at Fox where the sessions originally took place, we had the original scoring crew present, cool stuff like this. With thanks to our friend Bruce, plus all those folks at Sony and Fox, we're preparing the whole kit and kaboodle. Every note Bruce recorded for this masterpiece. It's truly been exciting!

And the sound is - well, in one word - absolutely stunning! Okay, that's two words. One for each disc!"

Yet again, yaaaaay! But for the love of little apples, please let this come out next year. I have no more spare plasma to sell.
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One of these nights, I will finish typing my Serenity thoughts. A glance at the clock tells me it won't be tonight, though. Maybe I should start keeping one of those cute little word count graphics that folks use for their fic updates. Well, no, probably not; it would be far too depressing to see the actual breakdown between typing time and staring into space time. Best to leave such things as vague estimates, I think.


Sep. 27th, 2005 09:34 pm
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When you see this on your flist, quote Firefly. (not that I could choose just one...)

Simon: Agent McGinnis. I'm certain you're working under a supervisor who's keeping close tabs on this case. I'm certain of that because important people don't do fieldwork. I'm also quite certain your supervisor wants me and my sister alive. Now, I'm not going to move from this spot until one of two things happens: You answer my very simple question, or you shoot me. -- "Ariel"

Early: You folks are all insane.
Simon: Well, my sister's a ship. We had a complicated childhood. -- "Objects in Space"

Mal: The management here don't take kindly to sightseers, which is why we're posing as buyers. There ain't a one of us looks the part more than the good Doctor. I mean, the pretty fits, soft hands, definitely a moneyed individual. All rich and lily-white, pasty all over...
Simon: All right. Fine. I'll go. Just... stop describing me. -- "Jaynestown"

Simon: Light it. -- "Safe"

(I know it's just because I haven't slept in weeks, but reading all of these quotes all over LJ-land is making me cry. Even the funny ones. It's also making me cry that Amazon shipped my copy of the soundtrack five days before the day it came out, which was today, and according to their tracking system, it's been sitting in Cleveland for three of those days. Stupid postal system. What's the hold-up, people? Gimmie my music! OTOH, Comics Infinity sent me the short-packed Cigar-Chomping Jayne AF instead of the regular one I ordered, so that's nice. Pays to preorder- they sent me the short-packed Hush Tara when I preordered her, too. But now I need Simon figures! I have two Mals and they're lonely. Just sit there pouting at me. Well, glaring. It's kind of a scary facial sculpt.)

And a matching quizzie )
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Well. I think I finally have my Katrina-related grief, anger, and irrational survivor's guilt under control. Now I just need to shake the insomnia and catch up on my sleep. Quite a couple of weeks, there. A break for us all would not go amiss, okay, universe?

I've actually been glued to LJ recently (and to the computer in general, despite my ISP having some sort of nervous breakdown), but I couldn't bring myself to post or comment. It's so, so easy for me to get out of the habit, particularly if my mood is less than good. Too many years of lurker reflexes ingrained by now, I suppose. But I have a handful of frivolous things I've been meaning to post, and goodness knows I have eighteen thousand comments to catch up on, plus there's suddenly a mountain of new fic on the flist. Fic in wee fandoms like Keen Eddie and Invisible Man, even. Be glad you can't see the freakish little dance of glee I'm doing. Anyway, all that's for tomorrow. Tonight I'm just going to jump on that poetry meme bandwagon, then hopefully (hopefully) get some sleep. Hopefully.

Please take my poll if you didn't way back when (and if you did already, thank you!). In fact, you can blame my poem choice on that poll. In part, anyway- I am quite fond of Longfellow, despite the generations of parody he's buried under these days. His poems get picked for a number of reasons, some well-justified, but there are times I find them comfortable, and comforting. Like baroque music, or a complicated recipe. A bit of structure and delineation in a world gone chaotic. It's either that, or wallow with some terribly dramatic, depressing, probably Russian poet, Osip Mandelstam or someone of that sort, and I need a break from wallowing.

Nicked from a mob of folks, "when you see this, post a poem in your lj." Longfellow usually lived up to his name, so I'll cut.

Paul Revere's Ride )
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The thing about wandering far afield in my quest for icons is that I keep wandering into interesting conversations, both good and bad. One of these exchanges was the whine-fest between two soon-to-be high school juniors who were lamenting the fact that this year they'd have to read The Scarlet Letter. The jist was- it's boring, it's hard, it's not useful in any way, wah wah wah, and anyway, we all know the story so why bother? Now, I like The Scarlet Letter and Hawthorne in general, and I don't have a ton of sympathy for high schoolers who whine about assigned reading (it's one book, it won't kill you, and I had to read Hemingway with a smile so shut up and eat your brussel sprouts). Still, I remember pretty much the same reaction from my class when we read it, and I'm sure it was the same story in many, many other schools. Poor Hawthorne.

Anyway, my poll sort of sprang from that. I was really just curious about what people have and haven't read of the particular slice of American Lit that includes The Scarlet Letter and all of its boring, hard, not useful friends, for which we already know the stories. Heh. I don't ask if you liked or disliked a particular author or work, though I am very curious about that, so please feel free to tell me in the comments (along with any anecdotes, whines, jokes, whatever). I just didn't want anyone to feel they had to click, "I like Moby-Dick!" just because you know I do. No pressure. You don't have to like anything. I'll just quietly shake my head at the foolishness of people who expect their novels to have wacky things like forward plot momentum instead of lengthy digressions on chowder and coiling rope... kidding! There's no head shaking. I'm just asking "did you read X?" and "when?" No, seeing the movie doesn't count. Any other info is welcome, but up to you. Oh, and if there are any typos, please pretend there aren't. I'm pretty sleepy. Thank you kindly!

Clicky click! )
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So I took a break from writing my not very exciting poll (please take it anyway!) to do that "crackbrained pairings from your icons" meme that's going around. How could I resist when everyone else's results were so silly and fun? Except, well, mine came out sort of... scary. Like, in nine out of ten cases, the end of the story would be, "and then Blah cut off Blah's head with a rusty butter knife, because he just wouldn't stop talking." I don't think my icons play well with others.

I left out Lord Blakeney, because he's far too young for such shenanigans, poor dear, and also Nathan Fillion and Bill Moyers, because as the only two living real folks pictured, they'd be stuck with each other, and somehow I don't think the world is ready for Bill Moyers/Nathan Fillion RPS, you know? As for the long-dead real folks, Joan of Arc gets left out, because she's so "Joan+God4EVA!!!!1!!" and there's just no room there for crackbrained pairing memes, but Nathan Hale and Paul Revere get left in, because... um... because.

On to the frightening wrongness... )
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Anyway, thanks to Craig Ferguson, I now know that Eric McCormack's son is named Finnegan. And I can't help but think it takes a brave Canadian to name his kid Finnegan. Well done, sir! Somewhere in Sock Heaven, that little pup is smiling down at you. But imagine the decision-making stress, in the event that the McCormacks someday have another son- should they name him Casey and go for the set, or branch out into new territory, with, say, Jerome or Rusty?

Also, I never really appreciated how many ugly, gaudy, fussy, cluttery, pink-and-purpley, tacky, blurry, unattractive icons there were in the world until I branched out from my usual haunts and trusted artists in search of filler for my then-54 empty slots. I'm up to 56 filled spaces now, but only three of those are actually new-new. The others are all returning faves or ones that have been waiting patiently for their turn. Originally I'd planned to do a multi-GIP of the newbies tonight, but eh, too much coding for 3AM. They'll keep. Which leaves this post with even less than the "very little" content I had planned. Oh well. I have a question I want to put to you wise folks, so maybe I'll do a poll tomorrow. That's sort of content-ish, right?
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Hi there! I'm not really back yet. I didn't intend to gafiate in the first place (oops!), but being back and alive and interested (or even interesting) would require a real post, and a real post would require far more thought (and typing) than entices me at one in the morning. But spazzing about DVDs, that I can do at one in the morning, no problem.

And look! It is greatly to spazz! Twelfth Night! The Trevor Nunn one! At last, at last! How did I miss this until now? Only two weeks away! Huzzah and Kermit-y flailing! Doesn't look like it has any extras at all (sheesh, people, something, even just the trailer, would be nice), but still, cheap, widescreen, and un-wear-out-able is not to be sniffed at. My poor, beleaguered VHS copy can finally retire, and not a moment too soon. Yaaay!

And while I'm flailing a la frog, can I just say how amusing it is to me that the S1 Muppet Show set is fuzzy? The box is made of Kermit-pelt! Makes me giggle every single time. Being a super-fantabulous show isn't enough, oh no, not when you can be fuzzy as well. Hee! I salute you, Muppet Show DVDs.

And on that silly note, I hie me to bed.
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You make me so, so tired. We're better than this. We, as a species, can be better than this. Should be. Must be. All those thousands of years of human history behind us, all those empires, all those grand, mindless agonies and stupid, petty, little fights. All those beautiful, brilliant things we've done nonetheless, and still, we keep ending up back in the cave, smashing each other with clubs. And it accomplishes what, exactly? More battle lines being drawn. More voices shouting and fewer ears listening. More pain and loss in a world that's drowned in it.

I agree with the general admiration of Londoners for their resilience and determination. The clichéd stiff upper-lip, the sentiment that London has survived worse, by God! and this won't be the day we let the bastards win. I find that deeply admirable, I truly do. And yet... it makes me sad. It makes me sad when I hear it from Khartoum and Beirut and Bogotá and Jakarta, too. That humanity is able to develop defense mechanisms like that is impressive; that it's required to do so is tragic. We are better than this.

I'm going out to my garden now. I'm going to poke at the weeds with a stick, admire the flowers on my tomato plants, and watch my cats nap in the lemon balm. I'm going to watch things grow for a while.
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So far this summer is not rating as one of my most productive. Actually, it's involved rather less productivity than lying around in a melted puddle, surrounded by melted puddles of cat, feeling sorry for myself. Occasionally the cats and I will look at each other and whimper. It's all rather pitiful, really.

I'm not even able to do nothing effectively. 'Tis the season for big, shiny, stupidly fun movies, and I've seen nary a one. No Star Wars, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, no Batman, no War of the Worlds... well, I'm okay with missing War of the Worlds. I love the book, I'm fond of the '50's movie, and the radio show scared the bejeezus out of me when I heard it as a kid (seriously, I had nightmares for a week). But the ads and previews for the new one have left me cold. A lot of the problem is Tom Cruise. I'm not a fan and never have been, even when he was sane (or at least quiet). There's nothing about his acting abilities, such as they are, that has ever impressed or enticed me. If the aliens got him, well, maybe I'd go see it. But no. I'm sure some supporting HItG!s who I might actually like die instead, and Tom and his shiny, shiny teeth and his "adorable" daughter live not-disintegratedly ever after, wiser and tougher for their experience (despite the fact that they have now moved from an Alien Invasion flick to a Post-Apocalypse one, and that rarely goes well). Meh. No thanks.

Still, there's one tagline for WotW that's been driving me nuts. I feel so geeky, but hey. It bugs me. Anyway, blah blah commercial blah blah kaboom! blah blah "look right, Tom! Now... look left! Good boy!" blah blah blah, and then we get the tagline: "We always thought they would come in peace. We were wrong." Wait, what? What's with the "always" stuff? Is Spielberg hoping that the audience has never seen another science fiction flick? I'm not going to sit down and count or anything (not that geeky, thanks), but I can think of a lot more "aiiieeee, aliens!" movies than "ahhhh, aliens," ones. Think about it. We've been invaded by Mars and by body snatchers, discovered (messily) a Thing from another world, faced down the Saucer Men, seen the signs, lost and gained our Independence Day, learned that "V" doesn't necessarily mean "Victory," almost had this island Earth blown out from under us, been eaten by Blobs and Predators, found that spheres and species are less benign than they sound, been controlled by the Puppet Masters, learned where the weak spot is on the Brain from Planet Arous (the Fissure of Rolando, of course), and found that space is always ready drown us in monsters, teenagers, bloodsuckers, killer klowns and plans, 9 or otherwise. We're not even safe from hostile invasion by plants, what with Audrey and the Triffids and the meteorite moss from that ate Stephen King landing on our doorsteps. If we are gullible enough to believe the aliens' pitch about intergalactic amity and brotherhood, well, surprise! It's a cookbook! And even if the movie itself should decide that "they come in peace," there's nothing saying that the characters within said movie will agree, and won't show up with pitchforks and torches, or tanks and howitzers, or whatever. Harmless little ET was chased with rifles and police cars and those freaking terrifying clean suits (no scars here, no sir). The aliens in Contact didn't dare come visit us themselves; they sent construction plans and some duct tape, and were met with politicians, preachers and pyromaniacs. And it's a good thing Helen Benson had better luck remembering "Klaatu barada nikto" than Ash did, or an already hopelessly mangled peaceful mission would have ended even more abruptly for Earth.

Anyway, my point is, we haven't "always thought they would come in peace," at least not in the movies or on TV. Not even close. It's much more flashy if "they come in vast armadas with big laser cannons and a hunger for the flesh of plump babies." And it's not like the audience doesn't know that. Give us some credit, guys. What a dumb tagline.

Wow. Am I really at the point where I spend more time complaining about the ads for the current releases than I do watching the movies? That's so sad.

I am watching Empire, at least. It ties back to that "big, shiny, stupidly fun" thing I mentioned, only with no annoying crush of smelly humanity to deal with. And the gladiator dude is most attractive indeed. He should just forget about his family and his duty and the Republic, pack up the boytoy, er, Octavius, and retire to Spain. I'd watch that (not that. Well okay, that too). And at least this week the sound and the picture were in synch. Last week, not so much; the sound was about 45 seconds behind the picture for the whole two hours. Nice going, Channel 50. It pretty much wrecked any potential drama, though I still enjoyed the show. It just switched any "Beware the Ides of March!" vibe for a "General Takamoto, the creature is attacking!" one. It's not as if it could make it any more cheesy. Maybe Cassius could threaten to throw that Vestal Virgin into Mt. Etna or something, though he is sadly lacking a big black moustache to twirl. That might squeeze in a bit more cheese. Maybe. Probably not.
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Oh for pity's sake! This is the fifth night running, now, that I've opened up this stupid update page and immediately- immediately!- had thunder and lightning show up to play. What is this?! Did I offend some LJ-hating god? Knock it off, weather! Or at least have the courtesy to rain as well and not just make me run around unplugging everything for no good reason. I now have a nice little file of blathery bits of thwarted posts that I've started and had to drop in the middle of a thought (in the middle of a word, a couple of times), and now I have to do it again. Argh! I'm going to have to switch to posting and such during the day, obviously, since the lightning seems to have no interest in those hours. Stupid weather! You're interfering with my ability to babble!

Well, looks like I have to run around and unplug again. Grrr. And it's not even like I have anything really fabulous to talk about, which makes it that much more annoying that I can't get the storm systems to cooperate. Frivolity doesn't keep so well, you know? Dang it. And okay, that flash was a lot closer, so time to go. 'Night all!

And so that this isn't just twenty lines of whining, Digital Bits reports that Night of the Lepus will be coming out on DVD on October 4th. Woo! Giant, man-eating rabbits of doooom! If you've ever wanted to see DeForest Kelly and Janet Leigh battling big bunnies, this is the flick for you. Four paws up!

Eep, must shut down now. Mean, inconvenient weather. Dang it all right to heck.
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I enter a lot of DVD giveaway contests. Most of my DVD news/review sites have them, and sending an email or answering a trivia question isn't a big effort. But I never, ever win. No matter how many maidens and warriors I feed to the volcano, the Quantum Leap or Deadwood or Enterprise discs I'd rather not pay for go to someone else. I guess the gods hate a cheapskate. So anyway, I bop on over to one such site to check out the latest announcements, doo dee doo, and see that, hey! A new contest is up! Which means the results from the last one should be posted! Off to go check... hmmmm... hey! That's me! That's my name! I finally won something! I won...

The Star Wars Holiday Special.

Dude. Dude! I've only ever seen tiny clips of this, and even they were bad enough to cause permanent brain damage. I no longer know the six or seven multiplication tables or any state capitals west of Missouri because of this thing. And now I'm going to own it? Universe, you are as mean as you are funny. Hee, I can't wait to see the badness in its entirety. I wonder if I'll survive it.

And I still have't seen RotS. More importantly, I still haven't heard the score. Oh, what a world, what a world.

Ow, my arm is killing me today. Not in the wacky fun Ash/Lindsey evil hand sort of way. Possibly in the Riker "aliens are removing and reattaching my body parts as I sleep" way; I really wouldn't know, would I? In any case, ow.

Right then, dinner, dishes, laundry and comments/email. Wow, this was a useless entry, wasn't it? And I didn't even mention my cats...
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I briefly considered the whole permanent account thing, but I ditched the idea pretty quickly. I'm sure it's probably a good choice for other people, but for me:

1. It's too much money. If I had $150 in fun money lying around, my overstuffed book, DVD and CD wishlists would already be duking it out for priority.

2. It's much too much commitment. I buy my paid time in two month bites; it adds up to a bit more over time, but it feels less handcuffy. Particularly considering how often I go quiet.

3. Half the time the dadblasted thing gives me nothing but grief! I've been trying to answer comments for the last hour, and I've managed to get one- one!- to post. I stab you, LJ! I spit on your grave! And that's not even going into the fact that for most of the day, my flist was running ten hours late. It was like having my own time machine... a very annoying time machine.

So no, no permanent account for me. 100 icons would be fabulous, but with luck they won't be too costly when they're offered to regular paid accounts. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I got the S1 Joan of Arcadia set for my birthday, which was nice, but I haven't really had a chance to sit down and enjoy them yet. But today I had a spare hour, so I popped in "St. Joan." Since I just watched my taped copy for the "Joan on Film" folderol (for which I swear I'll answer comments as soon as LJ lets me, accursed thing), I thought it would make a good comparison case. On the plus side, the DVDs look fabulous. I hadn't realized my tapes were so dark until I saw the beautiful, bright DVD picture. And they're widescreen, so bonus points there. The only extras for this particular episode are two deleted scenes, which is a slight misnomer- they're actually just slightly fuller versions of a couple of scenes that are still in the episode, Will's confrontation with the DA and the lead DEA guy outside the crack house, and the scene in Price's office when Joan retakes the test and he's a snide jerk to her (as usual). So, more "deleted lines" than "deleted scenes." Still, it was all very pretty to look at.

On the minus side... this isn't one of the music-heavy episodes, so I can't really use it to judge the damage done overall, but there is a music change in this episode that makes me unhappy. Joan Jett's "Time Has Come Today," which originally played as Joan joined Grace's protest and again as Grace leads the walk-out, has been replaced by some dude with a strummy guitar singing about "freedom, blah blah blah, freeeedom." How disappointing. Not just because I love Joan Jett and thought it was particularly keen to hear her in the show, but because the whole feel of the protest scenes is changed. It's less propulsive now, less aggressive. It's rather defanged. Where's my girl warrior? I'm glad they went with an actual song instead of Muzak, if there had to be a change, but I wish they'd chosen a song closer in tone to the original. It really does make a difference.

Well, really I wish they'd been able to keep the Joan Jett. Blah blah music licensing issues blah blah lower costs... I hate music changes, and this sort of tonal shift is why. The songs on this show aren't aural wallpaper, and if the changes aren't made carefully enough, things are thrown all off-key. Besides, Joan Jett! Dang it.

Anyway, Michael Welch posted a farewell to the show and the cast in his blog. This kid is such a cutie. I'm really going to miss seeing Luke (and Grace and Joan and Helen…) every week. Although, now that MW is free again, can we get wee clone Jack back on SG-1? Who needs regular Jack when pocket-sized Jack is so cuter?
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... for anyone who's gotten the cheapie Due South DVDs from Best Buy. Is the music intact? It wasn't an issue with any of the shows I've gotten from Platinum Disc Corp. before (not a lot of pop music in the Lonesome Dove: The Series, natch), but I hate to think of, say, "Victoria's Secret" with no Sarah McLachalan.

Doesn't this figure- The price point on the early season SG-1 DVDs has dropped enough that Deep Discount is listing the first five seasons at $33 each. Neat! But Seasons 6 and 7 are still $45, which most likely means that S8 and SGA will be too. Dang it. I'm happy for other people, though, honest. *g*

Right, gotta run. Is it sad that the high point of my week is likely to be the haircut I'm off to get now? Probably. But goodness knows I need it. I look like that sheepdog with the time card from the Warner Brothers' cartoons.
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Well, an interesting week so far. I was attacked by a spider that was two inches across and striped (I won), and I caught a snake in a mouse trap (accidentally). The cats are having a contest to see who can build the bigger collection of burrs. The web worms are early, and eating every tree in sight. There's a raccoon hanging around the place, which means I have to either hope it goes away again or get ready to shoot it (which I hate doing). It's shaping up to be a great year for ants in the kitchen. And I can't convince the bumblebees not to fly in through the torn spot in the screen backdoor, no matter how many times I chase them back out.

Ah, country living.

And my online connection has been cutting out every three minutes for two days straight. What a pain in the neck. It's taken me two hours to get half-way through my email, and getting at my flist is utterly confounding me. This is putting a serious crimp in my desperately needed catch-up time. Grr.

I think I need pie. There's a definite lack of pie in my life. But what kind to make? Everything's always complicated.

But on a much more fun note, here's a chat with Bruce Campbell about his new book. Definitely a must-get. Speaking of which, I'm not sure whether to put this on my wish list or erase it entirely from my mind. From DavisDVD:

"It's back to the "Evil Dead" well for another helping of ghoulish mayhem with Anchor Bay's Evil Dead 2: Book of the Dead 2. Director Sam Raimi's kick-ass sequel gets a wicked re-release this time around with its very own collectible Necronomicon "Book of the Dead" packaging designed, once again, by special effects guru Tom Sullivan. As an added bonus over the last Necronomicon release, you'll be able to press the bulging eye to hear the book scream! Look for the disc itself to feature the first ever high-definition Divimax transfer of this classic film, along with new and exciting bonus materials. No street date yet, so stay tuned."

Holy cats. What if I put it on my shelf and it eats my other DVDs? I mean, look at the first one! And yet...