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age of sail, alexander mahone, alva keel, american regional cooking, aragorn/boromir, archie goodwin, artesia, arthur/eames, audrey parker, band of brothers, bees, beowulf, boromir, brimstone, brisco county jr, carson beckett, castle, cookbooks, culinary history, damon/alaric, dan rydell, dana andrews, daniel jackson, dashiell hammett, depeche mode, deserts, dr. reid oliver, duncan/methos, early medieval history, edward gorey, egon spengler, emma peel, eomer, eowyn, ezra standish, fencing, film noir, film scores, firefly, food writing, freya stark, g. manville fenn, geraldine farrar, ghostbusters, good omens, grimm, harry/bob, haven, highlander, historical fiction, horatio hornblower, invisible man, jack harkness, jane yolen, jean arthur, jeeves and wooster, jeremiah/kurdy, jim ellison, jim henson, joan of arc, joan of arcadia, joel mccrea, johnny/bruce, justified, kida, kimball cho, laurie colwin, leverage, lewis/hathaway, life, lord of the rings, magnificent seven, maigret, mal reynolds, mal/simon, maritime history, medieval iceland, mentalist, methos, michael/mahone, miracles, monasticism, myka bering, myka/hg, ncis, nero wolfe, nick burkhardt, nick stokes, nick/greg, nikita, nordic folk music, oboe, old west, once a thief, paul/alva, peter burke, peter wingfield, psych, pushing daisies, queen of swords, rafael sabatini, raymond chandler, real ghostbusters, relic hunter, robin mckinley, rohan, rohirrim, sajv, sam winchester, screwball comedies, sean bean, sharpe, shawn/gus, silent movies, simon tam, stephen fry, steve/tony, street food, swashbucklers, theoden, tom hardy, tony dinozzo, tony stark, toshi reagon, travel writing, wesley wyndam-pryce, white collar, william fichtner, winters/nixon, witchblade, wonder woman, xena
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