Sep. 20th, 2005

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Well. I think I finally have my Katrina-related grief, anger, and irrational survivor's guilt under control. Now I just need to shake the insomnia and catch up on my sleep. Quite a couple of weeks, there. A break for us all would not go amiss, okay, universe?

I've actually been glued to LJ recently (and to the computer in general, despite my ISP having some sort of nervous breakdown), but I couldn't bring myself to post or comment. It's so, so easy for me to get out of the habit, particularly if my mood is less than good. Too many years of lurker reflexes ingrained by now, I suppose. But I have a handful of frivolous things I've been meaning to post, and goodness knows I have eighteen thousand comments to catch up on, plus there's suddenly a mountain of new fic on the flist. Fic in wee fandoms like Keen Eddie and Invisible Man, even. Be glad you can't see the freakish little dance of glee I'm doing. Anyway, all that's for tomorrow. Tonight I'm just going to jump on that poetry meme bandwagon, then hopefully (hopefully) get some sleep. Hopefully.

Please take my poll if you didn't way back when (and if you did already, thank you!). In fact, you can blame my poem choice on that poll. In part, anyway- I am quite fond of Longfellow, despite the generations of parody he's buried under these days. His poems get picked for a number of reasons, some well-justified, but there are times I find them comfortable, and comforting. Like baroque music, or a complicated recipe. A bit of structure and delineation in a world gone chaotic. It's either that, or wallow with some terribly dramatic, depressing, probably Russian poet, Osip Mandelstam or someone of that sort, and I need a break from wallowing.

Nicked from a mob of folks, "when you see this, post a poem in your lj." Longfellow usually lived up to his name, so I'll cut.

Paul Revere's Ride )


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