Aug. 25th, 2005

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Anyway, thanks to Craig Ferguson, I now know that Eric McCormack's son is named Finnegan. And I can't help but think it takes a brave Canadian to name his kid Finnegan. Well done, sir! Somewhere in Sock Heaven, that little pup is smiling down at you. But imagine the decision-making stress, in the event that the McCormacks someday have another son- should they name him Casey and go for the set, or branch out into new territory, with, say, Jerome or Rusty?

Also, I never really appreciated how many ugly, gaudy, fussy, cluttery, pink-and-purpley, tacky, blurry, unattractive icons there were in the world until I branched out from my usual haunts and trusted artists in search of filler for my then-54 empty slots. I'm up to 56 filled spaces now, but only three of those are actually new-new. The others are all returning faves or ones that have been waiting patiently for their turn. Originally I'd planned to do a multi-GIP of the newbies tonight, but eh, too much coding for 3AM. They'll keep. Which leaves this post with even less than the "very little" content I had planned. Oh well. I have a question I want to put to you wise folks, so maybe I'll do a poll tomorrow. That's sort of content-ish, right?


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