Jun. 16th, 2005

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Oh for pity's sake! This is the fifth night running, now, that I've opened up this stupid update page and immediately- immediately!- had thunder and lightning show up to play. What is this?! Did I offend some LJ-hating god? Knock it off, weather! Or at least have the courtesy to rain as well and not just make me run around unplugging everything for no good reason. I now have a nice little file of blathery bits of thwarted posts that I've started and had to drop in the middle of a thought (in the middle of a word, a couple of times), and now I have to do it again. Argh! I'm going to have to switch to posting and such during the day, obviously, since the lightning seems to have no interest in those hours. Stupid weather! You're interfering with my ability to babble!

Well, looks like I have to run around and unplug again. Grrr. And it's not even like I have anything really fabulous to talk about, which makes it that much more annoying that I can't get the storm systems to cooperate. Frivolity doesn't keep so well, you know? Dang it. And okay, that flash was a lot closer, so time to go. 'Night all!

And so that this isn't just twenty lines of whining, Digital Bits reports that Night of the Lepus will be coming out on DVD on October 4th. Woo! Giant, man-eating rabbits of doooom! If you've ever wanted to see DeForest Kelly and Janet Leigh battling big bunnies, this is the flick for you. Four paws up!

Eep, must shut down now. Mean, inconvenient weather. Dang it all right to heck.


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