May. 17th, 2005

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It's a long shot, I know, but... Does anyone have an mp3 of "William Shatner" by The Scofflaws that she or he can zap me? I have it on cassette, but that doesn't help me any, alas. Please and thank you!

On a totally different note- So ABC picked up the new Night Stalker series, eh? It's a strange world where Stuart Townsend ends up playing Darren McGavin and no mistake. I've barely glanced at the new pickups yet, but I did notice that Alan Tudyk's and Sean Maher's shows didn't make the cut. Boo. Tim Minear's new one is on FOX, right? He must like the half-season-with-lots-of-extras DVD set format. That's fine, so do I. CBS announces JoA's fate tomorrow, as far as I know, so yay, more hours to stress about that. I need a more relaxing hobby.

Okay, my headache and I are going back to bed. No NCIS finale until next week, but George Eads is on Craig Ferguson tonight, and I'll never make it that far without a nap. This day and I are not friends.

ETA- Australia has chili-chocolate Tim Tams?! Oh keen. I wonder if I could justify a trip to Australia on cookie-buying grounds... okay, now I'm off to sleep.


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