Apr. 26th, 2005

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I'm sick and I'm mopey, so I've been letting everything slide (like I ever need an excuse), but I think I'd lose my geek card if I didn't flail around Kermit-style about the Serenity trailer. So, um, flail flail flail! Heh. Okay, yeah, it really is very shiny. Possibly too shiny and dust-free, but I've seen a lot of movie trailers over the years, so it's not like I don't know how deceptive they can be (and usually are). It seems silly to me to get riled up over a trailer before you've seen the actual film. Then again, it seems silly to me to cut for spoilers from a trailer, so I'm obviously not a hardliner. I don't have the willpower. Anyway, my beloved show is back (sorta), I'm thrilled, they're all so damned wonderful, and I'm still scared absolutely blind that this movie's going to break my heart.

Simon sure is pretty, though. As is everyone else. And River is just... I've missed the show so badly, and while a movie's not the same, at least it's something. I can't wait until my head's not wrapped in cotton and I can treat this moment like a moment.

I also finally finished Finding Serenity, which is nice. I kept putting it down and wandering off. So distractible these days. It was a mixed bag which, overall, tended toward the positive. The wacky fun essays were generally more satisfying for me than the serious ones, and the ones on gender all managed to tick me off for one reason or another. There were quite a few times throughout that I wished I were reading LJ posts instead of a book, which was a strange feeling. But then I don't read that much in the way of fannish analysis in book form, and I'd forgotten that, oh yeah, books don't let you comment back. Unless you want to talk to them, of course, but then your cats look at you funny. Or so I've heard.

One of the things I was surprised at was that both times it was mentioned (both times I saw, anyway- there was one essay I only skimmed), the authors took the interaction between Inara and the Councilor in "War Stories" at face value. Huh. Seriously? Small spoiler for that scene, logically )

Right, so back to moping, not sleeping, feeling sorry for myself and obsessing about Bellisario's vague, hinty NCIS finale semi-spoilers. I was sort of relying on that show to balance CSI, but now... we'll see, I guess. Off to bed I go, to wake up healthy and lively and rich. Can't hurt to dream, right?

Squeee, Serenity! Flail flail flail!


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