Apr. 13th, 2005

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It's a good thing NCIS and Eyes aren't on the same night. The giddiness would probably kill me. There's no plot hole so big I won't leap over it for these characters (even when I want to swat them. I love the Kate/Tony sibling wars, but guys, tone it down). Gibbs and Abby playing with Friday the 13th and finger wounds? Cutest cutes that ever did cute. And tonight is Eyes night, happy happy joy joy! It's quickly become the high point of my Wednesdays (sad, I know, but it's Wednesday).

Of course, if they were on the same night, House would be between them, and that would pretty effectively puncture my balloon. Ah, House. I fell so hard and so quickly for this show, and now it hurts me, oh, how it hurts me. The Vogler/Chase stuff seems so improbable and oddly characterized that I can mostly just blink puzzledly and wait for it to go away. But the Cameron plot line, which doesn't seem improbable to me, but which I'm finding unbelieveably frustrating and annoying... it's inspiring in me an emotional reaction out of proportion to... you know what? I don't want to talk about this right now. I'm tired, I'm in a mood, and ranting is not how I want to spend this fine evening.

But speaking of House (and haring off on a wild tangent), I was burrowing around this morning looking for a particular issue of Smithsonian (which I can. not. find! If anyone [for some bizarre reason] has the March 1989 issue lying around, could you send me a copy of the article on Richard Halliburton, por favor? I might have to just break down and hit eBay), I came across one of my Dead Poets Society press kits. I have, um, three or four, I think, all slightly different. Anyway, this one includes "favorite poet" among the information in the actors' bios. And Robert Sean Leonard further justified my years of devotion by picking... Rupert Brooke. Yay! I'm both pleased and completely unsurprised. Heh. Ethan Hawke, on the other hand, picked Gregory Corso, and he grew up pretentious. I think we can all see what the moral to this story is (unless there are Beat poet hitmen out there, in which case I take it all back).

I saw an email from Deep Discount waiting for me and promptly started doing a little happy dance. "We thought you would like to know..." (yaaay! dance dance) "The item(s) listed below shipped today." (yaaay! dance dance) "DVD : MIDDLEMARCH" (yaaay! dance dan-huh?). So the Juliet Aubrey/Rufus Sewell Middlemarch that I ordered at the same time as Miracles, and which isn't coming out until next Tuesday, like Miracles, has shipped already, but Miracles hasn't. The ways of preordering are wondrous strange. But still, yay Middlemarch.

I was pleased but not thrilled when Diamond announced that their third AtS line would include Fred. Fred and I never really clicked, but I'm always very glad to see AFs of female characters, particularly "normal" female characters, since conventional wisdom holds that they don't sell very well (unless they're unclothed bad girls, like Vampirella or Lady Death). Unfortunately I'm still not thrilled after seeing the prototype pic. Oh well. And Angel looks... strange. Something about his neck, maybe. I vaguely remember some folks out there saying that they hadn't yet finished S5, so wee spoiler cut re: a variant figure )

Watch Eyes tonight! It's tremendously fun, and apparently it's on the renewal bubble. I've really missed having a show and characters like this to play with, and I at least want enough episodes for DVDs. Heh. Ah, for the days of my youth, when nothing but years and years of my favorite shows would do...


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