Mar. 31st, 2005

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Keen. Even with some seriously screwy guest casting (nice, but screwy) and wrong-headed doctrinal interpretations, I enjoyed tonight's Lost a lot more than I have in weeks. It helps that I've finally adjusted to watching the show non-fannishly. Been a while since I've done that so I was out of practice, but J.J. drives me up the wall and down the other side (even more than Joss did), and I just couldn't take it anymore. Anyway, the show's a lot more fun for me now. Plus, I liked Sawyer for the first time ever! Or at least I was able to giggle at him without simultaneously wishing for his messy death by boar-tusk, which is a big improvement over the norm. So yay for that.

And then I watched National Geographic on PBS instead of Alias. Interesting but depressing. Goddamned Taliban.

And then, the pilot of Eyes. So far I haven't been thrilled by ABC's midseason shows. Blind Justice is hopelessly mawkish and leaden (though I'm still watching for now, curse you and your cute little self, Ron Eldard), and I was only able to get through ten minutes of Grey's Anatomy, the fabulous Sandra Oh notwithstanding. But lo, unto my Wednesday came Tim Daly, my pretty, witty Tim Daly of the roguish charm and light comedic touch, bearing with him a show full of clever people in natty clothes doing things of sometimes dubious legality (and sometimes not even that), not to mention Rick Worthy as a big, crazy, gay badass. Excellent! The episode was peppered with fannishly familiar faces like David Marciano, Patrick Fabian, Gregg Henry, A.J. Langer, and Rick, of course, which amused me more than it should. Micro-spoilers. Really micro ) Besides, how can I resist it when the third episode is titled "Wings"? Snerk. Dorks. And the fannish faces keep on coming- guest stars for the next two episodes )

Is it a good show? Hell if I know yet. I was too busy thinking "wheeee!" to fall into plot holes or worry about character morality. It's a romp, a frippery, a silly, shiny throwback with a designer tech gleam. It's a fun show, and by the middle of the week, that's exactly what I need. I'm in!


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