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I briefly considered the whole permanent account thing, but I ditched the idea pretty quickly. I'm sure it's probably a good choice for other people, but for me:

1. It's too much money. If I had $150 in fun money lying around, my overstuffed book, DVD and CD wishlists would already be duking it out for priority.

2. It's much too much commitment. I buy my paid time in two month bites; it adds up to a bit more over time, but it feels less handcuffy. Particularly considering how often I go quiet.

3. Half the time the dadblasted thing gives me nothing but grief! I've been trying to answer comments for the last hour, and I've managed to get one- one!- to post. I stab you, LJ! I spit on your grave! And that's not even going into the fact that for most of the day, my flist was running ten hours late. It was like having my own time machine... a very annoying time machine.

So no, no permanent account for me. 100 icons would be fabulous, but with luck they won't be too costly when they're offered to regular paid accounts. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I got the S1 Joan of Arcadia set for my birthday, which was nice, but I haven't really had a chance to sit down and enjoy them yet. But today I had a spare hour, so I popped in "St. Joan." Since I just watched my taped copy for the "Joan on Film" folderol (for which I swear I'll answer comments as soon as LJ lets me, accursed thing), I thought it would make a good comparison case. On the plus side, the DVDs look fabulous. I hadn't realized my tapes were so dark until I saw the beautiful, bright DVD picture. And they're widescreen, so bonus points there. The only extras for this particular episode are two deleted scenes, which is a slight misnomer- they're actually just slightly fuller versions of a couple of scenes that are still in the episode, Will's confrontation with the DA and the lead DEA guy outside the crack house, and the scene in Price's office when Joan retakes the test and he's a snide jerk to her (as usual). So, more "deleted lines" than "deleted scenes." Still, it was all very pretty to look at.

On the minus side... this isn't one of the music-heavy episodes, so I can't really use it to judge the damage done overall, but there is a music change in this episode that makes me unhappy. Joan Jett's "Time Has Come Today," which originally played as Joan joined Grace's protest and again as Grace leads the walk-out, has been replaced by some dude with a strummy guitar singing about "freedom, blah blah blah, freeeedom." How disappointing. Not just because I love Joan Jett and thought it was particularly keen to hear her in the show, but because the whole feel of the protest scenes is changed. It's less propulsive now, less aggressive. It's rather defanged. Where's my girl warrior? I'm glad they went with an actual song instead of Muzak, if there had to be a change, but I wish they'd chosen a song closer in tone to the original. It really does make a difference.

Well, really I wish they'd been able to keep the Joan Jett. Blah blah music licensing issues blah blah lower costs... I hate music changes, and this sort of tonal shift is why. The songs on this show aren't aural wallpaper, and if the changes aren't made carefully enough, things are thrown all off-key. Besides, Joan Jett! Dang it.

Anyway, Michael Welch posted a farewell to the show and the cast in his blog. This kid is such a cutie. I'm really going to miss seeing Luke (and Grace and Joan and Helen…) every week. Although, now that MW is free again, can we get wee clone Jack back on SG-1? Who needs regular Jack when pocket-sized Jack is so cuter?
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