Oct. 12th, 2005

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Possibly it's just me, but... about those shiny new pics of Sean Maher that have been causing so much spontaneous ovulation the past couple of days. Now, he looks tremendously pretty. It would take a lot to uglify that boy, and these pics are not it. But. He totally looks like he's wandered off the set of some gay porn flick. Especially in the oral fixation pose. Not that this is a bad thing, really, but it does seem like a bit of a change from what we usually see of him. It's an interesting set of photos, to be sure.

Speaking of Sean Maher, while "typing" my thoughts on Serenity today (I have the thinking part down, just not the typing part), I've been working my way through the huge pile of magazines that have accumulated since the end of August or so. By November I'll be caught up. Except for everything I'll have gotten by then. Sigh. Anyway, the current issue of Starlog has an article on Summer Glau and how new she is to acting and blah blah, and I thought this quote was rather sweet:

"Sean inspired me and made me brave," she remarks. "He and I are frequent screen partners, and I was worried at first that he wouldn't trust me. You really have to lean on the person you're doing a scene with, and I wanted to do my best for him. I think he's an astonishing actor. He's so kind and encouraging, and we have fantastic chemistry. We're good friends off the set, too. I remember when I got sick, he would bring me vitamins and make sure I was hydrated. He's always taking care of me and putting me first. The way River looks at Simon is really the way I look at Sean. She adores him, and he can do no wrong in her eyes. That's how Sean is to me in real life."

Awww. They're just so cute.

On a non-Sean Maher note, I was also amused by a quote from Kmt's Fall issue. Kmt does fine on things Egyptological, which is handy, considering that's their job, but their pop culture refs can be a little... shaky. Case in point:

"Viewers who watch John Daily's faux-news show on Comedy Central may have seen the brief segment (aired 3/15) intercut with Zahi Hawass's comments on the Tut scan and Daily's hilarious takeoff on it."

Well, it's not like they're all that wrong, right? They got the words "John" (albeit spelled wrong), "Daily" and "show" in there. Dunno what happened to the "Stewart," or, um, the accurate information, but they were close.
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Heh, just kidding. But finally, finally, my Serenity score has arrived. All that time wandering the eastern seaboard and it didn't even bring me a souvenir. Hmph. I haven't listened to the CD yet, but I loved the score in the film. Much more than I was expecting to, actually, for several reasons that are in that gorram movie post that I'm never going to finish at this rate. Oy. Anyway, I remember lots of people complaining about track titles that spoiled this or that plot point (shades of Phantom Menace, alas), and I don't blame them for being miffed, but how come no one (that I've seen) has complained about the fact that Varese Sarabande apparently doesn't employ copy editors? Seriously, track #10 includes "Sheperd Books'..." and track #19 includes "Jane & Zoe...". Such ugly mistakes in such a cute little font. I expect better of you, VS!

Speaking of film music, today's column at FSM on the potential for new tech to push trendy revisionism in film and film scores caused me several chuckles and winces, particularly this bit:

Perhaps today's studio execs are paying homage to the past films. Wouldn't it be ironic if a studio suggested John Williams to score Poseidon, the Wolfgang Petersen remake of The Poseidon Adventure? Here's how the scenario would probably play:

Young Executive: "Hey, how about John Williams? He did a great score for
War of the Worlds.

Older Executive: "John Williams scored
The Poseidon Adventure before you were born!"

Young Executive: "Good point, good point. How about John Ottman? His
Fantastic Four score was awesome!"

Older Executive: "Mr. Ottman's currently scoring
Superman Returns."

Young Executive: "But wait, didn't Danny Elfman do that picture?"

The older executive sighs.

Older Executive: "Get James Horner's agent on the line."

Ha! And owww. All it lacks is a swipe at Hans Zimmer.

I think I need some sort of general film music icon, though unfortunately no ideas come to mind. Hmmm. Oh well, instead I'll use this cute new Wash icon from [livejournal.com profile] bravo_icons. I almost didn't nick it, even though my Wash-love is deep and true, because I kind of liked having all of my Firefly icons be Simon or Zoe. But in the end, the temptation of Wash and monastic humor proved irresistible. You wrecked my trend, little monk-joke-missing Wash, but you're so very cute and forgivable.

The world's oldest noodles have been found! Four thousand-year-old noodles from Lajia, "the Pompeii of China." Keen! Mmm, now I want Chinese food. Funny how there's always some neat food-related story on Yom Kippur. Fasting will be my only observance of it this year; I'm not going to services, since my temple doesn't currently have a rabbi, and obviously I'm not staying offline. Fasting, feeling guilty, and reading cookbooks. Sigh.


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