May. 13th, 2005

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I had no idea it was Friday the 13th until I started reading my flist. I had only the vaguest idea it was Friday, actually. Been that kind of week. But the costume exhibit was fabulous! Small, only 32 costumes, but you could get pretty close to them and really see the details. Such gorgeous work. Sadly, there was no catalogue available, and of course no photography allowed, and I stupidly (stupidly!) forgot to bring a pencil to take notes. Ah well. I'm jotting down a sketchy outline of what was there in another post anyway, mostly for my own lousy memory's sake. The exhibit runs for another two weeks, so I'm really hoping to swing one more trip. With a pencil this time.

Other than that, the high point of my week was hitting a sale at the Body Shop, where I stocked up on honey shampoo and olive oil shower gel. With my yogurt lotion and fennel toothpaste, I smell like Greek food. Heh. All I need is a garlic scrub or something to be complete. Well, maybe not.

I also popped into Best Buy to get a look at the JoA set, and it's so wee! I didn't realize it was a super-slim set. Very cute, and handy as well, considering that space is at a premium among my DVDs at the moment. Here's another positive review of the set, from someone who hadn't expected to like the show. I always enjoy those. Spoilery only if you consider the sort of episode synopses they put on the backs of DVD cases spoilery.

I had to cock a brow at this quote from Tim Goodman's column this week:

Come May, TV fans don't like kisses. They don't like subtlety. They like cliff-hangers -- nay, they demand cliff-hangers.

But mostly they want to be stunned into disbelief. They want to eagerly await September's return of the story line. Never mind the idea of diminishing returns and predictability -- you can't kill someone every season! -- the audience demands action.

Or, you know, not. To be honest, I find the season-ending reliance on cliffhangers and body counts to be highly annoying. If your show has been doing its work all season, you don't need to bribe or trick me into tuning in next season. Honest. And killing characters I care about? Not really a point-winner with me. Yeah, I watch a lot of cop shows and things of that ilk, and those folks are in the line of fire, but if you're trying to sell me on your show's realism, most RL cops don't have to deal with 1 in 5 odds that they're going to be killed off as a shocking plot twist. At this late date, it's no longer shocking and it's scarcely believable. Cut it out.

And while I'm talking to TV shows, hey Without a Trace- what the hell? No, seriously, what the hell? Can a TV show become senile at such a young age? Dementia would explain a lot, and if that's the case I would have sympathy for your plight. Otherwise... what the hell? For two weeks in a row you had a glimpse of promise again, and then you remembered that It's All About Jack. Does it have to be? 'Cause really, Jack pretty much sucks. And I've gotta say- It's All About Jack equals Joan's Watching PBS.

Nicked from [ profile] lizbetann, a very cute quiz with very cute pictures that never seem to want to load for me:

Indus Script
Indus, (Pakistan 2500 B.C.E.)
You are INDUS. One of the most famous undeciphered
scripts, however, modern scholars have no text
any longer than 17 symbols. You might be
concealing a dark, mysterious heritage -- or
you could have been used to mark whose beer was

Which Indecipherable Script Are You?
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