May. 10th, 2005

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... Kathleen Turner's on. And she looks really good. I admit, I've always thought she was sexy. Sexy enough that she was able to cast a veil of attractiveness over Michael Douglas, which is saying something. But it's been a few years since I've really seen her in anything, so it was great to have her turn up to flirt and tease Jon with that voice of hers. Maturity has fulfilled the promise that was always there, as far back as Romancing the Stone- she's become a real dame**, and that makes me happy. Now if only the movies would do right by her, not to mention Susan Sarandon, Anjelica Huston, Diane Keaton and the other talented actresses of their generation, by offering (regularly, not just a handful every few years) a wider, more interesting range of roles for women between the age of ingenue and crone. I know, I know, it's crazy talk like that that leads to communism. Ah well. Older actresses turn to directing, to the theater, to a variety of other creative outlets, and I'm glad about that for their sakes, but the screen is a little less silver without them. I've missed you, Kathleen. You're a right dame, and you can purr on my television anytime.

And now Mark Harmon's on Craig Ferguson. There are attractive middle-aged people all over my tv tonight. I like this trend. *g* And he's hugging Craig and giggling! Awww. Not even dorky jarhead hair can make Mark Harmon unattractive. I'm insanely hyped for tomorrow's NCIS (well, today's by the time I post this). Not even Death is dumb enough to take Gibbs on. Woo hoo! Or so I hope (my poor Tony!).

**the Rosalind Russell kind of dame, not the Judi Dench kind. Though Judi Dench is pretty much the Rosalind Russell kind herself, come to think of it.

On a totally different note: Hey, didn't I see this on The Simpsons? Don't get me wrong, there are many, many things about it that I find tremendously cool, but sometimes I can't help but think, is it possible that Japan is the strangest country on Earth?
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From Digitally Obsessed's review of the Joan of Arcadia DVDs:

"... as of this writing, the show is on the bubble for renewal for a third year, but this first season is certainly worth your attention. Plus, it will make justifying all that time spent in front of the television a lot easier come Judgment Day ('No, seriously, God, I was watching it to learn about you! And because you let them cancel Firefly.')."

Hee! Aw, I don't want to wait until June. *pout*

It was 82 degrees here today. 82! It is too early for that! I say no! I didn't accomplish a thing except some good lying around and complaining about the heat, but I don't feel bad since that's apparently all that most people did today. But I'm finally about halfway through answering comments from the last month or so (though not emails), and that's something! It's not much of something, but it's a start. And I watched TV, of course. Eeeeee, NCIS! I love you so, my crackhead fanficcy darling! And eh, House, you were okay. All is not forgiven, though, so don't you get too comfy. (Eeee, NCIS! Tony! Gibbs! Kate! Spoilery things that I'm too lazy to cut and so won't say! Love love love! Want DVDs now! And also want the season finale not to break my heart!)

Right, must go shower so as to get out of the house early early early tomorrow. Yay, costume exhibit! At last!


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