May. 9th, 2005

ealgylden: (Gerry as Joan (aithine))
...or as I like to call it, "Joan builds a nice big army which the computer promptly slaughters while cackling evilly. Every time." That game and I are not as one.

Anyway, for weeks now, my mom and I have been planning to head down to Syracuse to catch an exhibit at the Everson. Specifically, Fashion in Film: Period Costumes for the Screen. Sounds pretty snazzy, no? It was a bonus that the timing worked out so well for Mother's Day (conventional family wisdom holds that going out on the day itself isn't worth the pain, so why not be flexible?). So the idea was to see some fabulous costumes, spend much too much money at Wegmans (far superior to Whole Foods, the late Bread and Circus or other examples of the breed, IMO), hit all the rest of the usual stores, eat sushi or Thai food or something else we can't get up here, and just generally have a play day. And at any time in plotting this little excursion, did either of us think to check what hours the museum was open? No, we did not. As you've probably guessed by now, they're not open on Mondays. Curses! Luckily we noticed that before driving two hours to wind up at a locked door, but still! The plan! The play day! I was all geared up! Dang it. Looks like we're going on Wednesday instead, even though Wednesday's weather is supposed to be lousy and it's really not as convenient. Still. We're not missing this exhibit.

On the other hand, because I was still home when the mail came today, I got the flyer/coupon for "Spanish Cheese month at Wegmans!" before we went there, for once, so that's nice. Mmmmm, Gotes Catalanes are back at last. Gotes Catalanes are little balls of soft, mild white cheese marinated in olive oil and flavored with garlic and parsley, and they're demonically good. Expensive, but so worth it. The only problem is that the flyer doesn't make clear whether they're just featured the week of the 22nd-28th, or if that's the only time they're available. Not that it matters- after a year of craving and reminiscing, driving two hours just to buy cheese is nothing.

As much as I love this song, and I really do, I'm starting to think that leaving it on repeat for hours at a time all weekend may have been a bit much. For some odd reason, it's stuck in my head. I wonder why that is. (What I should do, actually, is figure out Yousendit, so you guys can all be earwormed too... I mean, so I can share. Yeah, that's the ticket. *g*)


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