Apr. 7th, 2005

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I spent the entire day in a haze of "I haven't gotten to bed before four in weeks," and, as you might expect, didn't accomplish a single thing. Tomorrow's going to be fun, no doubt. Oh well, at least television was worth a day spent in mental neutral.

So there I am, watching the Daily Show, and it turns out I'm still holding a grudge against Matthew McConaughey for Reign of Fire, which I did not know about myself. As you probably don't remember, I enjoyed Reign of Fire tremendously, with its biologically impractical dragons and the true love of Quinn and Creedy, until McConaughey showed up and utterly ruined everything. Grrrr. Bitter? Me? But still, it was only a movie, and it's not like he wrote the script that made his character such a movie-wrecking jackass, right? It would be silly to hold a grudge, right? Yeah, well, tell it to my fingers, which spent the whole interview squishing his head. sigh. And I used to like the guy, or at least not dislike him. I'm not even sure I'll be able to watch Sahara because of him, and it sounds just stupid enough to be fun, darn it. Why oh why did Van Zan have to be so repulsive? The stench of him lingers, alas.

But Eyes, my shiny new love, you enthrall me with your glossy sheen and clever, casual moral dubiousness! You are exactly what I needed, my little PI drama. Tim Daly looks delectable in black turtlenecks and leather jackets, and he twists his lines just right, and banters and schemes and flirts with everyone and everything and... guh. And the glasses! So. damn. cute! Eee! And Rick Worthy fascinates me with his sharp suits and righteous rage, so carefully controlled, so exasperatedly attached to charming Tim. I want Harlan/Chris backstory. And I want a boyfriend for Chris. Can we get Patrick Fabian back if this does end up being Joan of Arcadia's last season? They had rather appealing chemistry last week, and they looked pretty together. And while I'm starting sentences with "and," I want more Meg. She's so little and cute and smart, and she could totally kill me with her pinky. I love how she just doesn't know how to respond when Harlan tosses out his next schemelet or wise-crack. "Meg, never leave me." Hee! a couple of small spoilers )

Forget Law and Order. You'll have ten thousand chances to see it in syndication anyway. And CSI: New York is so dark and mopey. You don't want to spend your night with mopey people, do you? Nah, come play with cheerfully law-bending, merrily stylish, snappily clever private investigators instead! It's more fun than you can shake a million dollars in non-sequential hundreds at.
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Sleep, come back to me, sleep! Why have you abandoned me? Did I not value you enough? Were my dreams not interesting enough for you? Do you not like my pjs? Cozy flannel pants and a t-shirt with Serenity on it, how can you not like those? I don't know what I did or why you don't want to be around me anymore, but please, come back. Talk to me. I know we can work it out. And remember, people who don't sleep go crazy and hare off after their friends and family while armed with pitchforks, so please, please, make it soon. I miss you madly, sleep, and I have many pitchforks in the barn.

Why was I here again? Oh yeah, Miracles! The DVDs come out in twelve days (not that I'm counting down or anything) and I've just seen my first review of the set (light spoilers for the series and a couple of pics of Paul, Tommy, the menus, blah blah). And it's very positive, though the reviewer doesn't share my mad, passionate love for Alva. Too bad for him, but more for me!... I mean, us. That's what I meant. Ahem. *g* I hunted down what little Miracles commentary I could find, back in the day, though there are definitely spoilers there, so be wary. Frustratingly (for me- I doubt the world much cares), I had only commented on "The Ferguson Syndrome" before 2004 took a decided turn for the lousy, but I still have my notes and I fully intend to blather more, just to warn you (mwa ha ha). Twelve days. A mere twelve days, and they shall be mine. Huzzah!

Back to the Serenity action figures for a minute, since Diamond has released a few official pics... )

And the tiny, random Serenity mention of the day, from part two of Film Score Monthly's top 40 countdown of Hollywood's most in-demand composers, from #29, Carter Burwell: "Burwell had a promising assignment on his schedule -- Serenity, Joss Whedon's feature version of his cult favorite sci-fi Western Firefly -- but the composer and director ultimately didn't see eye to eye and Burwell was replaced by David Newman, leaving him with no assignments currently on the horizon." Aw, poor Carter. Newman still seems like a less risky, but potentially less interesting, choice. Well, we'll see. There's also a neat trivia bit I hadn't heard farther down the list- Christophe Beck (the original composer for BtVS) clocks in at #24, and it turns out that he took over David Newman's Pink Panther job when Newman moved on to Serenity. Cross the micro-worlds of film scoring and the Jossverse, and it starts to look like one of those sliding-piece puzzles.

Argh, I'm so tired! Can I at least get wacky hallucinations out of this stupid insomnia? Anything to make this more interesting.

ETA: Ha! From here: "Now, I'm gonna give you a pass on Firefly — partly because we only got to have fifteen episodes of it, and partly because Simon Tam's one of the most accurate portrayals of a closeted homosexual I've ever seen on television (...that was intentional, right?)..." That's my poor, repressed boy! Heee. Poor Kaylee. Kaylee, sweetie, I've been in your shoes. Many, many times. Heh.


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