Apr. 4th, 2005

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Reread yesterday's post, and ouch. That's what you get for posting at 3AM- huge, embarrassing typos. Remember, kids, sleep is your friend! Though admittedly a LJ flub is less troubling than the time I went rushing out the door to drop off the last paper I ever wrote for a college Latin class, something or other on Catullus and class markers... and grabbed one of my rough drafts, leaving the final one all cozy in the printer. Oops! What a glorious end to my career, handing in work full of little notes to myself, like "Don't forget to mention blah!" and "Decide to cut blah or not- stop stalling!" sigh. At least it was a very late draft and just need a few more details and a really good polish. I had no idea until I got it back and read the prof's, "Nice work, but could use a little more editing." Gee, ya think? And he still gave me an A. Twit. But then he was a stand-in for a professor who was in Rome that year, one who'd had me in about eight classes by then and would have either graded it fairly (which would have sucked, but even so) or caught the problem and let me know (small, tough but tightly-knit department, you know). New Guy was nice enough, but as a professor? Not ideal. Still, that was really embarrassing. I gave him a copy of the final version anyway, so it would stop haunting me. Eesh. Not my finest hour.

I've been trying do that "guess my favorite characters" meme, but I think I might be too lazy to do the "explain why" part. I'm sort of in one of those moods where "because!" seems like a reasonable answer, and that's not so helpful. But I guess I'll give it a stab, and hopefully won't resort to "because!" too often. I'm also having a heck of a time getting a balance between blatantly obvious and nigh impossible to guess choices. I'm really, really prone to having OTCs and I don't usually keep quiet about them, though the rarity with which I've been posting in recent months might mitigate that a little. But let's see.

Cutting the instructions, since you probably know them )

1. Firefly- Simon Tam
2. Stargate SG-1- Daniel Jackson
3. The Magnificent Seven- Ezra Standish
4. Xena: Warrior Princess- Xena
5. Joan of Arcadia- Grace Polk
6. Highlander- Methos
7. Miracles- Alva Keel
8. CSI -Nick Stokes
9. Sports Night- Dan Rydell
10. Relic Hunter (hee!)- Sydney Fox

Huh, really tough to pick shows for this. No Angel, because I'm still off on the Buffy/Angelverse, though my love for Wesley is ever green. No Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, because however wonderful Rebecca was (and she really was- that's her in my icon), about five people ever saw that show (hi, [livejournal.com profile] castalianspring! *g*). No NCIS, because I don't have a favorite character. It's that rare show where I love everyone equally. No Sentinel, because I burned out on defending Jim years ago (still love him, though). No SG:Atlantis, because while I do have a front-runner fave, I haven't seen enough episodes yet to commit. And now we see why I rarely do "top 5" lists myself...

Other than that, my entire day was spent watching Nashville (Keith Carradine's character so looked like Sawyer, or rather Sawyer looks like him. Only I love Keith Carradine, even playing a slutty sleaze, and I don't care for Sawyer. Go figure), and fighting with my evil, wicked, bad computer. Which somehow I broke. And no, I wasn't able to fix it, but [livejournal.com profile] aithine was! For she is a computer goddess! And deserves many sacrifices of chocolate borne by bold warriors! All hail! *g*


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