Apr. 3rd, 2005

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I think I mostly agree with this list of the 5 Most Influential SciFi Shows of the '90s. "SciFi" can be an unwieldy label- I often use "cult" myself, but that's far from ideal. Saying "Scifi and Fantasy" might have been better, but... well, it hardly matters. Anyway. I never got into Babylon 5, though I liked some of the characters quite a bit, so I wouldn't recognize that one's influence, but the rest all seem like very solid choices, especially X-Files. It's almost strange to remember just how huge X-Files was in the good years, considering how downhill things eventually went. In its heyday, though, it was one hell of a show, and an impressive phenomenon. But I have to admit, I'm most pleased to see Xena on the list. Not just because I love the show unreservedly, though I do, but because Xena really was a groundbreaking show in a lot of ways, and it doesn't always get the kind of credit it deserves. Yes, I know it could be silly or cheesy at times, what with the budget effects and the idiosyncratic use of history and the abundance of beauties wearing leather. But when everything in an episode or an arc was clicking, Xena was something special. As was Xena herself. I really miss her. (And yes, I will be taping Lucy's movie about the man-eating locusts later this month. Oh, shush.)

Still, I have to wonder about comments like this:

Who can forget "The Bitter Suite," a musical episode/parody from the third season featuring Lucy Lawless' own voice (and nude scenes from both actresses)? Since then, we've seen lots of musical episodes from other TV shows- but none with the lightheartedness and fun of "Xena."

Er... huh? "The Bitter Suite" is lighthearted and fun? It has moments, I guess. Fool!Callisto and Hanged Man!Joxer get some funny bits playing off Xena and Gabrielle, and the beginning of Gabrielle's bit of "War and Peace" is sort of lighthearted (colorful, anyway). But... a couple of spoilers ) I'm just not seeing the fun. And "parody"? What's it supposed to be a parody of? It's a wonderful episode, one of my favorites, and I tear up every damn time during "The Love of Your Love" (and when Gabby reaches through the wall of water to grasp Xena's hand... sob!), but not so much with the lightheartedness. Or the nudity, really. It's as doubled as Renee's singing.

I've been meaning to post a little about Season 5, but I've been putting it off because some of the plotlines I want to talk about wrap up in Season 6 (the Eli stuff, mostly), and I've only been nibbling at that so far. Once I watch them all, that's it. No more new Xena DVDs. And it's not like I haven't seen the episodes before, but still, it's different somehow, watching it on DVD. I wonder if the lost Alexander the Great episode is complete enough to ever be released. I got the impression it was from some of the comments in the S5 commentaries, but... maybe someday. A girl can hope.


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