Mar. 30th, 2005

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Since I know others out there are more knowledgeable about such things than I, I thought I'd ask- does anyone when the season finales for NCIS and CSI will be? TVTome has CSI on May 19th, but nothing for NCIS. And considering the stressful NCIS spoilers from TV Guide and the super-duper-stressful CSI spoilers from a bunch of (unofficial) places, I'm crossing my fingers and toes that they aren't the same week, lest I short-circuit. Anyone able to reassure me?

I've only seen scattered scenes from the last two episodes of House, what with lousy reception and telephones and evil cats and whatall, but I'm actually pretty okay with that. I still have boundless love for House and Wilson, but I want to beat Vogler and Cameron with mallets (big ones! with spikes!), so I mind waiting for reruns or DVDs or whatever less than I otherwise would. TV is so frustrating, even when it's good. Especially when it's good.

Ooh, the mini-highlights of the Warner/HTF chat are up! Let's see what I care about...

Potential Titles for Release: Witchblade- yaaay! Or at least yaaay for Season 1.

Music Rights Preclude Release: Cold Case- ha, I knew it! Oh, wait, dang.

No plans yet for: Brimstone- Curses! Mostly not a surprise (dear TV gods, please let Miracles sell really, really well, both for its own sake and to inspire other similar releases...), but curses all the same!

No plans yet for: Time Trax- hey, Dale Midkiff! Never saw that one. And looks like I never will.

Asked/No Answer Given or No Info Available: Brisco County Jr.- Curses, damnation and blast it to perdition! Is no news good news or is it "ha ha ha, Joan, you'll die an old woman before you ever hold Brisco County DVDs in your gnarled and needy hands!"? Argh!

Asked/No Answer Given or No Info Available: Max Headroom- And ditto for Max Headroom too!


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