Feb. 3rd, 2005

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Funny, snarky article on FOX's fascinating scheduling practices: New on DVD: Whatever show you didn't watch last year. Firefly gets special mention as having been unfairly done to death ("the poster child for malicious programming"), though I have to admit I was even more pleased by the glancing mention of Brisco County. At least for Firefly I have DVDs, a movie on the way and a (semi-)active fandom. All I have for Brisco are eBay snipers continually depriving me of the only two videos I'm still missing ("Bye Bly/Ned Zed" and "High Treason 1 and 2," if anyone has an extra copy lying around *g*). How sad is it that my first thought after the premiere of House wasn't, "Gee, I hope this is a big success," but "Gee, I hope they make enough episodes for a DVD release before they get the axe"? Not that I don't trust FOX. Heavens, no.

Remember a while back when I commented that people were going insane on eBay and bidding press kits for The Librarian (right, the Noah Wyle as Lara Croft tv movie, that's the one) up into the $60 range? And they're still doing so months later, by the way. Rather impressive devotion. Still, Noah Wyle's puppy dog eyes are apparently no match for Skeet's, what with the bidding for a press kit for The Magic of Ordinary Days ending at over $100 and all. Gosh. I feel pretty good about my own fannish spending right now. Of course, if you forgot to watch it on Sunday, you can always get it on a DVD, right? How does fifty bucks sound? I do find bidding wars fascinating, I must say. I can't imagine how I'd feel if I let myself pay $50 for this flick. A little disappointed that none of my money went toward paying for action or a plot, perhaps. That's a lot to pay for just The Pretty.

Has anyone watched Young Blades? And I ask that in the full knowledge that it A) looks incredibly silly, and B) is on PAX. Does Billy Ray Cyrus still have a show on PAX? Young Blades looks like it could possibly outpace Queen of Swords in the cheesiness race, which would be most impressive. I mean, seriously. Bruce Boxleitner as the dashing musketeer captain vs. Michael Ironside as the sinister cardinal? Sheena Easton (!) as the queen? The requisite "girl in musketeer drag" (Jacques/Jacqueline, natch) is played by Karen Cliche. Um, yes, very convincing "guy", there, fellas. Sheesh. The producers must have been so disappointed that Brandy Ledford was tied up with Andromeda. And you know I think Tobias Mehler was adorable on SG-1- Graham Simmons is one of my favorite bit players ever on that show. But as D'Artagnan fils? He never really struck me as a swashbuckler, you know? Go figure. And apparently they have Secret Adventures of Jules Verne-type gadgets to play with, including... a submarine. Ha! Proto-proto-proto-steampunk. Frankly, I'm fascinated by the whole concept. I'm sure it can't live up to my amused, horrified, curious imaginings. That would be too much to hope for.

This made me giggle- George Eads' answer to People's question, "What's your favorite rock-out song?": "Anything by Pat Benatar. I had a boyhood crush that I never quite got over. I am an air-guitar professional. Something about Ms. Benatar gets me strumming." Heeee. Aw, George. He's so sweet and cute, but just not one of the cool kids, you know? Polite, though. "Ms. Benatar." What a sweetie.

Quote from Little Sister (sing it!): "Shiny happy goldfish eating braaaaiins!" As you see, I am not the weird one in this family. Not even close.


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