Feb. 1st, 2005

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So I've been entertaining the insomnia follies since, oh, say the end of December. It's not so much the total lack of energy or the loss of the ability to concentrate or the fact that the cat now thinks my bed is his bed that's the problem, though these are hardly good things. It's the fact that I'm moody to begin with, and when you take away my sleep, I get... well, I wouldn't want to hang out with me, let's put it that way. Sadly, the "giddy and easily amused" stage passed quickly, as did the "quiet and introspective" and the "happy slug on the couch" phases, leaving me trapped in the least fun mood, the one where I long to feast on the blood of the unworthy and rend the flesh from their bones. That'd be anyone who's not me, by the way. Meanwhile, LJ chose that time to descend into its seasonal morass of anonymous memes, hate threads and recycled rants. Great combination, no? I decided maintaining radio silence for a bit might be wise, considering that, despite my inclinations, the proper response to, "Hm, not much Robert in this episode, but lots of nice Bob/Bobbie. No, The Adventures of Rob still isn't art," was probably not, "You don't like my character? My pairing? My show? You die now! I kill you! I kill your whole family!" Not an uncommon reaction within fandom, surely, but not really my usual style. Too bad, I bet I could have gotten in some whiz-bang fights. You guys are sparky enough when I'm sane!

But I knew that once I slept and my brain started working again, I wouldn't enjoy having all my bridges in flames, so instead I turned to drugs. No, not really. Who can afford a drug habit when she already has a DVD habit? Nah, I turned to the first season of X-Files, which I haven't seen in a kajillion years- truly tragic, considering that X-Files was a huge show for me back in the day, not to mention being my first major online fandom and my first organized slash fandom (I'd been a feral slasher for a while by then. Roaming the countryside, terrorizing the villagers and dragging attractive characters of malleable sexuality back to my lair. As one does). How could I have forgotten how adorable Mulder and Scully used to be? The constant appearances of the Mulder glasses! That hint of chubbinesss still in Scully's cheeks! The portents of DOOOOM lingering over their innocent young heads! All the guest stars who meant nothing to me at the time but sure as heck do now, Crazy Eddie and Alti (nekkid Alti!), Robert Rothman and Bobby Hobbes... I was just silly to go this long without watching it. Makes me wonder what other past loves will seem fresh and lovely and bright by now. Hmmm...

Speaking of which, I can't believe this has been bugging me for two weeks, but it has. I hang my head in shame at this, but... okay, last week's NCIS was a repeat of "The Good Wives' Club," but the week before that was the one with the doppelganger team and the telemarketers and the larcenous computer geeks, right? I didn't actually remember anything about the plot, actually, other than the doppelganger team- I had to look it up. What I did remember (for two weeks!) is the scene where Abby and Kate are bonding over superheroines and Abby says she liked Wonder Woman and Isis (which I can totally see), Kate says she's more of a Xena girl (again, not a stretch), and Abby replies that she could never be sure of a heroine who wears open-toed shoes. Abby, I love you madly, but Xena wears boots, not sandals. Sure, the rest of her might be a bit exposed to stabby things, but her feet, at least, are well protected. No open toes on the Warrior Princess.

Two weeks this has been bugging me! Two weeks thinking about Xena's feet! Not all the time, of course, but for a person without a foot fetish, any time at all is too much. Curse you, fictional lab tech, for not having better knowledge of an equally fictional warrior woman's footware! Now get out of my head!

Other than that... well, I think I like Numbers (which I refuse to spell with a 3. I never made allowances for Seven, either), but I'm not entirely sure yet. I really like the cast, and I mostly like the characters, but so far the plots are meh. They did themselves no favors in my book by starting with a serial killer- fictional serial killers must outnumber real ones 35,000 to 1 by now. The second episode was more interesting, but still, I'm just not sure how many crime shows I can watch at once, and my plate is already pretty full. And not ever, while enjoying any of the 200 crime shows I already watch, have I thought to myself, "Hm, good show, but I wish they did more math. Some nice math would liven this double homicide right up." I like Charlie- he's cute and geeky and potentially interesting. But there's definitely an element of "blah blah blah Ginger blah blah Ginger blah blah blah blah blah Ginger" to the mathy stuff for me. Oh well, it's not like I have anything else to do at ten on a Friday night, hermit that I am, so the show gets a chance to win me over. It'll probably get a lot of chances, considering how much I like some of these actors. Too bad about the math thing, though. *g*

And since I'm actually sleepy for once (yay!), I'm going to take a stab at answering at least a few comments and then try going to bed. Cross your fingers that I'm able to stay there this time. I'd really hate to have a psychotic break, considering that tomorrow's Nova looks interesting.


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