Jan. 31st, 2005

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So I decided to celebrate the news that Miracles is finally available for preorder by watching Skeet's "Hallmark Hall of Fame" flick. Heh, "finally." Like I'd ever had any expectation of the show being released at all. Now I get all snippy about waiting a couple of months. Typical. And oddly enough, there may also be distant rumblings Magnificent Seven-ward, what with Showtime Extreme digging it back out of the vaults, and Netflix and Amazon doing headcounts (eeeeenteresting....). Paul and Alva in April and Ezra in 2006? That would be something. We do live in a world of wonders, after all. And random tangents. What the heck was I talking about? Oh, Skeet! Right.

Now, it's Hallmark, so I was expecting sweet and wholesome and sappy punctuated with people crying over greeting cards. But this was... very wholesome indeed. All it lacked was Wilford Brimley and Roma Downey showing up at my door with chocolate chip cookies and milk and a CD of "Guy and Ralna's Greatest Hits." Hm. Maybe that's less wholesome than it is terrifying. And yes, The Magic of Ordinary Days (gee, catchy) was as sweet and wholesome and sappy as I'd expected. Which isn't to say that it was bad, exactly. But now I feel like I should be drinking bourbon from the bottle and smoking smuggled Cuban cigars while watching kinky gay porn, just to get back to my normal vanilla self. Skeet was perfectly lovely, but dayum, that was... wholesome.

Not even spoilery, but what the hey. Is it even possible to spoil a Hallmark movie? Can't you pretty much guess where it's going from, like, the title? We're not talking 'The Usual Suspects' here. ) Balanced in its pacing, it was not. Nor particularly emotionally deep, come to that. They tip-toed around the edges of the various messy entanglements, but veered safely away before they could get sucked in. Either there are serious tranqs in the wells or these people are scarily good at rolling with punches. Sheesh. Still, the movie was pretty, the costumes were attractive, the romance was sweet, Skeet was gorgeous, and I am shallow. And it's not like my Sunday nights are so busy, I can't spare a couple of hours for a marshmallow of a chick flick.


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