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Okay, there are things afoot in the world of film scoring, and I had just finished typing up a big post on them when I innocently clicked a pdf that was not labeled and crashed and lost everything. Label those things, web designers, or I swear to God I will find you, and it will not be a pretty scene. Anyway, while I was swearing and restarting, new things may or may not have occurred and who knows what's going on now and argh! So. I'll start with the link that was all I had originally intended to post.

An interview with David Newman, in which he talks a bit about scoring Serenity (no spoilers). Film Score Radio also interviewed him a few weeks ago, though since my poor, evil computer can't handle its streaming format, I haven't been able to listen to it. Oh, and I finally had a chance to listen to the CD, and I was a bit disappointed. Serenity, it seems to me, is an excellent score poorly served by an inferior CD. Very, very frustrating.

Speaking of which, the Complete FotR score has been pushed back another week, to December 13th. According to Doug Adams (whose book on the LotR scores comes out next year): "The Dec. 13 LOTR: FOTR date shift is merely due to some lawyerly business. No problems, just meeting some demands that came in last minute. Everything is still running full steam ahead. I've talked with everyone this week; don't panic and don’t start rumor mongering. The boxed set is in no trouble due to situations elsewhere. These are different studios, different producers, different projects."

Right, so those "situations elsewhere" he mentions... apparently, Howard Shore has been replaced by James Newton Howard on the King Kong score. While I was typing the first half of this post, we seem to have gone from the "What?!" of the initial report to a vigorous denial from Shore's publicist to confirmation from Peter Jackson. Oof, what a mess. Here's the first report and the confirming update from Soundtrack.net. I just hope this is more like Carter Burwell's mostly amicable split from Joss and Serenity than the big, ugly Elfman/Raimi blowup over Spider-man 3.

Shore and Newton Howard are two of my favorite composer's working today, too. That's kinda awkward. I'll have to have irrational, geeky flamewars with myself. Aw.


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