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So I took a break from writing my not very exciting poll (please take it anyway!) to do that "crackbrained pairings from your icons" meme that's going around. How could I resist when everyone else's results were so silly and fun? Except, well, mine came out sort of... scary. Like, in nine out of ten cases, the end of the story would be, "and then Blah cut off Blah's head with a rusty butter knife, because he just wouldn't stop talking." I don't think my icons play well with others.

I left out Lord Blakeney, because he's far too young for such shenanigans, poor dear, and also Nathan Fillion and Bill Moyers, because as the only two living real folks pictured, they'd be stuck with each other, and somehow I don't think the world is ready for Bill Moyers/Nathan Fillion RPS, you know? As for the long-dead real folks, Joan of Arc gets left out, because she's so "Joan+God4EVA!!!!1!!" and there's just no room there for crackbrained pairing memes, but Nathan Hale and Paul Revere get left in, because... um... because.

My first two pairings aren't actually right, because they're not alphabetical, even by the first-name-first standards of this meme. But I carelessly skipped Aragorn at first and didn't notice until I was down on Egon Spengler, and when I went back up to plug him in I missed (all those years of school and I still don't know the alphabet), but in the end I decided to leave it, because it was funnier this way. The end.

Alva Keel/Archie Johnson- okay, this is deeply unfair to Archie. What do you think Alva's going to do if he gets his hands on an adorable, young, brilliant AV tech? Work him into the ground, that's what! Poor Archie, all slave labor and no sex for you. But at least he'd be ready for Alva's weirdness, after all those years of Gil Grissom.

Aragorn/Bertie Wooster- Go on, picture it. I dare you.

See why I left it?

Boromir/Daniel Jackson- Well, maybe. If Boromir could get Daniel to stop poking around Minas Tirith long enough. At least he's used to scholarly types and their flakey ways.

Danny Taylor/The Devil (from Brimstone)- Poor Danny! He and the Devil would be so snarky and flirty and sharp together, but I couldn't do that to him. His soft underbelly would get stuck full of stabby things. Not literally. Well, maybe literally. Poor Danny!

Edward Pellew/Egon Spengler- Ah ha ha ha ha ha no.

Elinor Dashwood/Gabrielle- Hm. Gabrielle's used to dealing with repression, and Elinor's used to dealing with poetry and exuberance and giddy emotion. I think they could do a sisterly bonding thing, maybe. But Elinor would be very shocked at Gabby's clothes. Among other things.

Galadriel/Grace Polk- It depends on how long Grace could laugh before Galadriel crushed her.

Greg Sanders/Jeeves- At last, the answer to the age-old question: how much can Jeeves stand before he snaps entirely?

Joan Girardi/Marianne Dashwood- Oh good lord, the teen angst. Battle of the drama queens. This meme ain't big enough for the two of 'em.

Martin Fitzgerald/Methos- Heh heh heh. Poor repressed Martin. He'll never know what hit him. They should rescue Danny from the Devil and have him join in.

Fa Mulan/ Nathan Hale- See, originally I skipped Martin by mistake and had Methos/Mulan, which really worked for me. Maybe I'll ask for a Methos/Mulan story for my birthday next year. snerk. Oh well, at least Martin/Methos is pretty (hee hee, poor fluffy bunny Martin). So anyway, Mulan and Nathan? Maybe she could teach him how to go undercover in extremely dangerous situations and not get caught and executed, eh? Might be a nice idea. Other than that, they're both young, pretty, noble, brave, honorable, patriotic, intelligent, and devious (him not as successfully as her, alas). The culture clash would be considerable, the language barrier, well, yes, there is that, and the whole time travel issue can't be forgotten, but if you could figure out some crackbrained way to swing it... maybe. Just maybe.

Nick Stokes/Paul Callan- A veritable feast of repressed emotions and experiences!

Paul Revere/Perfect Tommy- Bwa ha ha hahaha! Oh, I'm going to Hell.

Peter Venkman/Polly Perkins- He would wine her and dine her before night of very good sex, and then they'd go their separate ways with no regrets and never a look back. But the banter over dinner would be sparkling.

Rebecca Fogg/Simon Tam- The pretty! So much pretty! Good thing Rebecca's used to Jules, though, because Simon would be in waaaay over his head. Once he got past the blushing, this could be fun. They'd understand each other's priorities, and their mutual honor, courage and snarkiness would mesh well. And so pretty!

Theoden/Xena- Yes, please! Seriously, Xena of the Horse Lords? Xena the former Valkyrie? Oh yeah. I think Theoden would be taken aback by her at times (okay, often), but after all, he survived Eowyn. He'd adjust. *g* And she could either brighten his days a little or die gloriously with him on the battlefield- she's good at both. And besides, imagine what Xena and Eowyn could get up to once they bonded. Rohan would never be the same.

Zeke Stone/Zoe- Now, I admit I have a kink for nobly stoic types, but this is ridiculous.
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