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I enter a lot of DVD giveaway contests. Most of my DVD news/review sites have them, and sending an email or answering a trivia question isn't a big effort. But I never, ever win. No matter how many maidens and warriors I feed to the volcano, the Quantum Leap or Deadwood or Enterprise discs I'd rather not pay for go to someone else. I guess the gods hate a cheapskate. So anyway, I bop on over to one such site to check out the latest announcements, doo dee doo, and see that, hey! A new contest is up! Which means the results from the last one should be posted! Off to go check... hmmmm... hey! That's me! That's my name! I finally won something! I won...

The Star Wars Holiday Special.

Dude. Dude! I've only ever seen tiny clips of this, and even they were bad enough to cause permanent brain damage. I no longer know the six or seven multiplication tables or any state capitals west of Missouri because of this thing. And now I'm going to own it? Universe, you are as mean as you are funny. Hee, I can't wait to see the badness in its entirety. I wonder if I'll survive it.

And I still have't seen RotS. More importantly, I still haven't heard the score. Oh, what a world, what a world.

Ow, my arm is killing me today. Not in the wacky fun Ash/Lindsey evil hand sort of way. Possibly in the Riker "aliens are removing and reattaching my body parts as I sleep" way; I really wouldn't know, would I? In any case, ow.

Right then, dinner, dishes, laundry and comments/email. Wow, this was a useless entry, wasn't it? And I didn't even mention my cats...
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